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Busy day. Bad night. I woke up three times feeling like I was hypo, but was 225 the first time so I shot up again. 170 the second time. 90 The third time (which is in hypo-feeling range for me at the moment).

Up at 8:30, played on the computer till 10:30. Went to my nails appointment at 11, but they were not ready for me. One person started and then she hauled another person over to do the bulk of the work. Second person is new to the place, but quite an artist with the brushes. I was impressed.

Back home for lunch, took my script to Kinko's and made a copy, leaving out the music I'm not singing. To Fry's for some multi-purpose shopping. Got a mini-tape recorder and lithium batteries for it, so I can tape the musical numbers per the music director's instructions. I was going to spring for a digital recorder, but they are 5x more expensive for the ones which do music quality. Bought gift wrap and a card for my friend's B'day party, and got a binder and index tabs for the script. Looked for but did not find an extra battery for my iPaq. Will get that online.

Home again, ordered some CDs - Gwen Knighton (she is amazing - saw her again at Consonance) and one of the old Bonhoffs CDs. More on Consonance in another posting. Also decided to get a Bonnie Dearest cover album (someone else singing Bonnie's songs) which I would not have done except Bonnie has never recorded this one tune which I have been trying to find since bigcatroary's first wedding. Or rather, the Thanksgiving after it when I heard his sister-in-law's best friend sing it when I was visiting in Boston.

Wrapped the gift, put the script in the binder, and headed off to Chevy's for Janice's birthday party. She will be 65 tomorrow, and it will be her last day of work. Unlike me, she has the financial savvy to be able to afford to retire well. Which to both of us means lots of travel. She's going to Mexico, Paris, Yosemite and Fiji for starters. I am sooo jealous. Sitting across from me was the lovely and obviously brilliant Christina. I asked Janice why I have never asked Christina out, because we've met several times before and I'm always taken with her. The answer was "maybe it's because she's in a lesbian relationship". Yup, that must be it. I don't hit on people who are in a relationship.

Someone at the table asked me "what looks good on the menu?" and I said "Nothing. This is a Mexican restaurant." Janice hit me. But looking at the menu there was nothing which looked good. I ordered the crab and shrimp quesadilla, and it was good for a quesadilla, but quesadillas are not my idea of good food. Nor is anything surrounded by a corn chip or any kind of wrap. Except maybe moo shoo.

Came home, started some laundry, tried out the tape recorder (it works well), spent some time with the cats, had some dessert (Chevy's only offered Flan and vanilla ice cream sundaes), and called the ancestral homestead. It was a long call, because all three of my sisters were there, so I talked to Romani and Shaari and Briana and then Dad and Mom. Romani lives in Baltimore, Shaari in Poulsbo, WA across the Sound from Mom & Dad, and Briana lives just outside Tel Aviv. She'll be down here next Sunday with her husband Ben. I wish I could have been able to be there this weekend, it's been a long time since all of us have been together.  

Caught up on LJ and email, and here I am.

Plans for tomorrow:
- Work
- Lunchtime, go to Post Office and pick up a couple of sapphires, and refuse delivery on amazon.co.uk's duplicate delivery of the second Torchwood DVD. The first one is on my TV stand, maybe some day I'll have time to watch it.
- Rehearsals

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