Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Cherry Blossom Time

Microsoft Silicon Valley campus' visitor parking lot is lined with cherry trees. I have to cross that area to get from my office to my lab. The cherries are in full bloom, and it looks and smells great! Especially with this summer weather we're having this week (68F at the moment, has been in the 80's).

After passing the visitor parking, the area between my lab building and the cafeteria is planted in white birch trees. Very pretty, but IMHO birch trees need snow, and are not as suitable for a Silicon Valley campus. Cedars would be nicer. Or Japanese maples. Better still, camelias, magnolias, or some other flowering tree.

Meanwhile, lawns are turning brown, and instead of correcting the irrigation and fertizing systems, they are chopping out the turf and "planting" wood chips. Not my idea of ecologically sound landscaping. They really need to bring in a master gardener or similar expert to soil test and tell them what kind of grass to plant and how to maintain it. By and large it is a beautiful, well-landscaped campus, which is why the nasty bits stand out.

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