Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

I Can't Believe I'm That Focused

I was going to say anal retentive, but decided to put the positive spin on this evening's events.

Was let out of rehearsals early, not early enough to hit BASFA, but early enough to get to PetSmart and grab a 10-gallon tank and a fluorescent hood, and some other bits and pieces to build the bettas a showplace luxury palace:

  • Tank
  • Hood
  • Slap-on plastic strip thermometer
  • Another bag of pebbles (gravel is too fine-grain to suit me)
  • Three more plastic plants

Got home, the cats were screaming for me to let them out, but not after Pumpkin became the orange barf machine, so I just gave them their usual evening treat of half a can of cat food to share.Pushed the 5-gallon betta tank to the side and unplugged the electricals and placed the new tank on a place mat next to it.  

I washed the pebbles in a huge pot, and hand-loaded them into the new tank. Filled the pot with warm water, got a 1-qt freezer bag and filled it with water from the aquarium and coaxed the four bettas inside. Plopped the sealed bag into the pot of water and placed it on one of the stove burners (no, I did not turn on the stove). With the fish out of the fray, I was able to use a 2-liter jug to transfer the water from the old tank to the new, and then hand transferred the plants and used the jug again to scoop the pebbles from the old tank and put them in the new one.

Used the jug again to fill the new tank most of the rest of the way, planted the new plastic plants and made something of a forest for the smaller betta to hide in. Installed the heater, filled the tank the rest of the way and plopped in the conditioner tablet and installed the hood. Wiped down the spilled water and plugged in the electricals. Put the old tank and its hood in a far corner (will probably use the tank sometime in the future - if there was room in my office I'd take it to work and put in a betta).

Finally, decanted the fish into the tank, turned on the light and let them explore.

Looking at the completed project, which took less than an hour, I was amazed. Also sad - the male and the smallest female are beat up. Hopefully having more space will help them both.


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