Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Quiet Day

Should have studied lines, but played in chat rooms instead. I don't have all that many lines, and I know most of them anyway. Tomorrow I have only one line, if they stick to the announced schedule. I know it if I concentrate. I even know where it goes because there's an explicit cue ("and now the chairman will address the board").  And I only have one 8-bar and one 1-bar solo in the musical number. I knew those before rehearsals started because it was our audition piece.

Did the laundry, posted an external 500GB hard drive on ebay, made dinner plans with localinactivist and got to downtown Mountain View an hour early planning on going for a half-hour massage at a place I've been going to for years which accepts walk-ins. Only it isn't there anymore. Where the entry used to be is what appears to be an empty office, with a sign for a different massage place. The sign looks new and temporary. The office was closed (not a huge surprise for a new business at 6 pm on a Sunday).

So I walked, needed the exercise and there is a lot of eye candy on Castro Street at dinner time. Speaking of which, last night I went to Taragon on Murphy Ave in Sunnyvale to hear cousin Renee's band, up from Santa Cruz. Talk about eye candy - Murphy Ave is now night club central, and between the clubs and the good restaurants, it's overtaking Mountain View's Castro St. as The Place To Go on Saturday night. The mostly-closed mall parking lot is filled. Maybe when Mountain View's new parking garage opens, the city will encourage some clubs to reopen. Passing by Buddha Lounge tonight, it looks like it is getting ready to fold.

Had a good dinner at King of Krung Thai. They are starting to get their customers back (they were closed for a long time after their kitchen and back patio burned down and nearly took the rest of the place with it). I really like the staff there, especially the very pretty older woman (well, not that old, she's maybe 40) who stands outside at the hostess podium.

While I'm writing this, I'm capturing a video localinactivist's folks sent him from Oregon about a great little concert hall in Eugene called the W.O.W. Hall. No relation to Windows Vista. Will make a DVD of it for him, and also will send it to a couple of other Oregon escapee friends.

Nice - they end the program with a Balkan chorus group. I used to be in one of those. Love that music. Wish I could understand the words.

Chatted with the folks, my weekly Sunday call.

My wireless mouse is acting up - the PC is not recognizing the base unit on power-up. Swapping to a different USB port fixes it for a while, then it dies again. When it comes back online, it also pops up the dialog boxes for the USB drive and webcam. May be a driver problem, but I'll be making a Fry's run at lunchtime tomorrow to get a replacement. Also will pick up a cheap PS2 wired mouse, as a backup. I used to have two spares but gave all my electronic spares away before my last move.

Tomorrow: work, rehearsals.

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