Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Still drained

Public version of today. Work was too much fun, making mashups of videos with dual subtitles. I would like to see two different languages, but boss is blaming France for some dropped subtitles and had me do two sets of English. Now that I've had all day to beat up on it, the problem looks more like it is in the mashup machine, not in the language the subtitles are in. Will get some help from the mashup machine expert tomorrow, I hope.

Rehearsals were a drag. They mixed up when I was called, so I showed up half an hour too early. Had a total of maybe 5 minutes on stage, then wasted away on the sidelines for 90 minutes.

No rehearsals till Monday at the earliest. Tomorrow night I'll go to the computer history museum member's reception & lecture. Maybe johnnyeponymous will show. If not, maybe I'll review the lecture for SFinSF.

One of my work buddies says he's getting 22Mbps bandwidth from Google wifi with a repeater. That's compared to 6Mbps on my cable modem. My experience with Google wifi has been poor, but I'm willing to try - thanks to Fry's returns policy. Will probably make a Fry's run at lunchtime tomorrow. Just tried to make a connection using just my 6dB antenna, and it won't even get me to Google's web site.

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