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Goodbye Everyone

This is my last posting on LJ. Sometimes it has been fun, but lately it has just been sucking out my brain through my fingertips, one character at a time. All these depressing people! If I opened up a pharmacy I could make a go of it just by supplying my FL with anti-depressants. Not to mention the idiotic political opinions. Am I the only one who knows it's wrong wrong wrong to bomb the bejeezus out of a foreign nation, boot out their government, set up our own (incompetent) puppets, and continue to occupy the country for four fucking years? I guess so. And all this "support the troops" shit! Those troops volunteered to take orders from whatever idiot the cretins in the electorate made President. Yeah, a lot of them signed up in peacetime looking for a cheap college education, but that's no excuse. It's not like we've ever been "at peace" for a whole tour of duty (if you count reserve obligations).

And all of this fanboy shit. Half my FL is living on another planet (several other planets!) and the other half is making costumes for them. They sound like a bad Zander Nyrond song. And don't even get me started on all the Gaea-hugging, hallucinatory froo-froo chasers who see gods and goddesses behind every piece of luck (bad or good) which happens to them or anyone they know. Shit happens, people! Bad shit, good shit, neutral shit, green shit, pink shit, blue shit. Wake up and smell the rat poison, people! I don't know which is more idiotic - "riding the gods" or running off to some damp field in the middle of effing nowhere to dress up like a Saxon peasant and make like it's the middle ages when the average life expectancy would mean you've been dead for 5 years.

I've wasted enough time ranting. It's Sunday, the sun is shining, it's Springtime in California, WTF am I doing sitting in front of a computer?

Have a nice life you-all.

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