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April Fools!

So yeah, my last posting was an April Fools' joke. I knew that with work and rehearsals I would have no time to post until tonight, which meant I didn't have to try very hard to keep the joke going.

I'll post more to my FL, but in a nutshell, most of the things I said in the previous post I actually believe.

Way too many of my friends are on anti-depressants, and it makes me sad on many levels. But I love you and am here for you, as long as all you ask for are hugs, a shoulder to cry on, and bad puns.

I'm also pretty pissed that so few of you understand that the US has occupied Iraq for longer than we occupied Germany after WWII, and it is not only against international law and the UN charter, but it is Just Plain Wrong to attack another country without us or our allies being attacked by that country first. If Cuba had oil Bush would already be there.

In other news, rehearsals are going well, come see the show if you're local, and bring along a box of Kleenex™ because the ending will make you cry.

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