Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Just Another Silly Rabbit What Lays Eggs Day

Slept in. Catless, for the first time in ages, kept the bedroom door shut just in case Pumpkin decided he wanted to puke all over the bed again. Played on the computer, caught up on LJ and a couple of other places I have not had much time to read. Found a pair of Wellington's in my size almost immediately, for under $100 including priority shipping, so I ordered a pair in black.

Went to my usual massage appointment only to discover the person with whom I thought I had the appointment had delegated me to someone else, and the someone else did not speak English. Or Thai (the language my usual therapist and I chat in). So no massage.

Saw a lot of open stores on Stevens Creek Blvd., which surprised me, so since I was in the neighborhood, I went to Valley Faire just to see. They were closed, but lots of slow learners were circumnavigating their parking lot anyway.

Back to the neighborhood, heading for Sizzler for lunch, saw Cost Plus was open, and stuff was on sale, so went in and did what I'd been planning to do for about a month now, bought a new set of flatware, to replace the set I have which predates my days of adequate pay, and makes a habit of channeling Uri Geller. Went to Sizzler after, for their salad bar lunch. 2 pm and the place was packed. Several after-church family groups, though they were not dolled up beyond usual Sunday garb.

Home, spent some time with the cats out on the patio, let them wander around the apartment complex while I practiced my last hold-out number on the piano. There's a quartet I'm in toward the end of Act I in Jekyll & Hyde which has been resisting my attempts to memorize it. One of the problems is the parts are different for the amateur version we have than they are for any of the recorded professional versions. The Broadway Cast is close, but they cut about 16 bars about 2/3 of the way in. And when I tried to record it at rehearsals, I didn't do my part right, so that's not a good tool.

While at the piano, a light bulb went on over my head and I realized I have software on the PC which can scan in the music, recognize it and make it into a MIDI file. I can play the MIDI out to my speakers and record it, and make a CD. So as I'm typing this, it's scanning in the background.

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