Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Catching Up

I guess this one can be public.

 Work has been very busy. One of the pieces of equipment I am designated hitter for has been misbehaving badly. That's after a complete overhaul by the manufacturer less than a month ago. I have lots of other little tasks on my plate, most of them are actually fun. Boss is away at NAB most of next week, which will once again allow me to work without needless interruptions. Boss is a nice guy, good sense of humor, and very knowledgeable, but he has this habit of insisting on knowing every last detail of every little task each of his three minions are performing. It gets in the way of actually doing the tasks, and is highly annoying. I've talked to him about this, but he truly believes a manager's job is to know every last detail. Sigh.

The Play has been very intense. Jekyll & Hyde - The Musical at Palo Alto Players is two weeks from opening, and we were completely off book last night. I botched a couple of lines which I know, opened my mouth and out came a brain fart. On the other hand, I nailed a couple of other lines I'd never got right before. Karma? Dogma? I feel so sad for the lovely woman who is playing my daughter. She's a fine actress, and is so into her character by the end of the show that it takes her about 5 minutes to stop crying. From where I stand in that final scene, I don't see how there can be a dry eye in the house at the final curtain. Very powerful stuff, and the staging is superb. Our director is really good at creating on stage what he sees in his mind. And I'm finding my voice crack during my duet with daughter, Letting Go, kind of Neil Diamond-y. We've turned a throw-away costume-change number into Something Special.

Music director wants me to try out for the Father in Broadway by the Bay's Beauty and the Beast. Trouble is auditions are the day before J&H opens, and it's a summer show. I try not to be stuck inside a theater in the summer, being a Seattle refugee who needs to make up for lost sunshine.

Celebrating Songkran This weekend! It's the Thai festival which marks the coming of summer, people splash, pour, shoot water at each other. Old School is to carry around a small bowl of perfumed water with some talcum sachet dissolved in it and pat the cheeks of all and sundry passers by with it. New School is to find a humongous water gun which looks like it's out of The Terminator and drench all and sundry passersby. Middle School is to convert a bicycle pump into a water shooter. I'll be in Berkeley at the Thai Temple for this festival Sunday afternoon.

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