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peace_corps_grl, who was invetigating deaths of Peace Corps volunteers. I think this article shows the proper way for PC to notify folks of a death in the family.

Dear RPCVs,

We are very saddened to learn of the loss of Peace Corps Volunteer Julia
Campbell. Please see a message of condolence below from Peace Corps
Director Ron Tschetter. We will remember Julia for embodying the spirit
of international peace and friendship. And we thank you all for your
commitment to the same ideals.


Janet Allen
Regional Manager
Peace Corps San Francisco Recruitment Office

TO: All Peace Corps
FROM: Ron Tschetter, Director
SUBJECT: Volunteer Julia Campbell

I am saddened to confirm the death of U.S. Peace Corps Volunteer Julia
Campbell, who disappeared on April 8 while hiking in Banaue, Ifugao
Province, Northern Luzon. Search parties discovered Julia's body near
Barangay Batad, Banaue town this morning. Philippine authorities will
make the final pronouncement of cause of death.

Julia was a proud member of the Peace Corps family and served in various
roles in Donsol where she worked with the local school to rebuild and
stock its library. Many of her friends and family helped her in a
campaign she created called "A Book and A Buck" to provide
age-appropriate reading materials to the library. She also worked with
the local community to launch an ecology awareness campaign and build an
Eco Center in Donsol. Most recently, she served as a teacher at the
Divine Word College in Legaspi city, where she taught English until the
semester ended in March. She contributed greatly to the lives of
Filipino citizens in Donsol, Sorsogon, where she served.

Julia is a native of Fairfax, Virginia and received her bachelor of arts
in English from James Madison University in Harrisonburg, Virginia. She
spent most of her professional career working in New York at regional
newspapers, and as a freelance journalist for the New York Times. She
also held positions at Fox.com, CourtTV.com, People magazine, and Star
magazine. Julia served as a volunteer in the American Red Cross
following 9/11, and subsequently became a Peace Corps Volunteer in March
2005. Those who have worked with her describe her as talented,
resourceful, proactive and conscientious.

Our entire Peace Corps family is saddened by the loss of such a
dedicated and vibrant Volunteer, who so loved serving in the
Philippines. All of our thoughts and prayers are with Julia's friends
and family during this very difficult time.


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