Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Raining Again

No, we don't need it. This is California, where we live off the rain from other states. ;-)

Another mostly boring rehearsal. Before we went on stage I thought I heard the orchestra rehearsing. I'm disappointed we did not get to do a run through with them. Typically today is "sitzprobe" where the cast sits down with the orchestra and works through the musical numbers. We have not been told when the orchestra will be rehearsing with us. I'm a bit nervous about this because at least two of my musical entrances are ad libbed. Easy for a good accompanist to do, hella difficult for a whole orchestra.

The director did fix a couple of my scenes, but not the opening one which needed it too, thanks to the crew parking a table between me and my entrance. For the most part he worked on scenes I'm not in. And while Carrion Comfort is a long book, it's not so well written that I can read it for any length of time. Bits of it are, but mostly it's not. 

Sunday is Tech, and they have announced a potluck for mid-afternoon. I won't be bringing anything or eating - I'll probably go for a walk. It's bad enough being cooped up in the theater all day without having to eat there too. And too many people are bringing Mexican food. Used food is not my idea of a meal.

After rehearsals I took all my Hot Topic discount cards to the mall, hoping to buy a couple of T-shirts and get 15% off. They did not have a single clever T-shirt on sale. Not one. What few non-band shirts they had were hidden in the back. I hope they are not getting out of that business, they had lots of great ones. They have also ditched their men's polyester shirts, which were also a favorite. So I bought a couple of belts. Turns out I had enough stamps on my stack of cards for two and a half 15% offs, but you can only use one a day.

Had dinner in the food court, Steak Escapes makes a hideous Italian sausage sandwich.  I really don't want the sausages smashed to a pulp. They do the same thing to the philly cheese steak. What are they thinking?

An overwhelming amount of eye candy there. And I don't know what's going on, but the parking lot was jam packed. I didn't see any obvious sales, and I thought Spring Break was over. It was more crowded than Xmas week.

Watched another episode last night from the 3rd Torchwood DVD set. They are spending too much energy on the love lives and angst of the Torchwood staff, and not enough on the plot. There have been no aliens for the past 2 episodes. I always hated it when Star Trek punted by making up lame excuses for doing shows in the past, period costumes and music which has long since passed its copyright limit. But there's no TARDIS in this show, using the Rift as a time machine is weak. They need to get back to their core competencies. And I am totally disgusted with the scene where Captain Jack kisses Captain Jack in the middle of the dance floor in front of a dozen officers and their women. That just plain would not have happened without them being arrested on the spot. I hate it when a show goes period and then throws away the attitudes of that period for gratuitous shock value. It wasn't that two men kissed, it's that nobody tried to stop them, and Jack was allowed to waltz right out of there. And I'm getting real tired of the angry little doctor beating up guys twice his size every episode. And when is policewoman's cuckolded boyfriend going to kick her out?

But there's good news on the TV front. A new show called Thank God You're Here.  It's very good. They invite four comedians, actors, personalities, take them one at a time, dress the person up in a costume, and send them through a door into an unknown set, where a small core of staff actors are on a set, and it is up to the invitee to improvise a scene with them. And they are getting some big names, like Jason Alexander and George Takei. For the final bit, all four guests do a scene together, with one or two of the core staff. This is pure improv, and it's surprising how well some of the lesser known invitees do. It's hilarious, and I highly recommend putting it on your Tivo list.  Wednesdays at 8 pm.

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