Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Go Daddy

Over the next few days I will be transferring my howeird domains (.com, .net and .org) and my web hosting to GoDaddy.com. This is in part to show my support for their completely non-sequiter and (pun intended) over-the-top TV ads.And in part because I like the way their sales page is laid out, and they offer way more than I'll ever need for way less than I expect to pay for the basics.

But as with all transfers, expect some delays and glitches, so if you're trying to email me at howeird.com and it bounces, just use my h0weird0@gmail.com backup account. Note those are zero's instead of letter o's.

In other news, they took photos during the rehearsal last night, and I know she got some good ones of me, but they gave us a broken URL so I'll have to ask tonight for the right one and post it here.

Quiet and boring at work, which is why I have time to post. All morning was spent on an upgrade, I pretty much just had to keep the vendor's tech company while he did the work. I'm still doing some residual checking but that's just a matter of hitting "ok" on a web page and waiting an hour for data to arrive. Or maybe longer.

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