Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Saturday checklist

This is my first free Saturday in 6 weeks. It's my first free day in 2 weeks. So of course I'm taking advantage of the suddenly summer weather. Well, not quite. So far today:

  • Did laundry

  • Let the cats out for a while

  • Took my Opening Night Black Socks out to the car

  • Received a potted plant from the company which is trying to hire me

  • Waited for Fedex and the offer letter

    • Realized they could not possibly have gotten my offer letter to Fedex in time for a Saturday delivery

  • Set up my new email accounts on GoDaddy.com

  • Uploading (as we speak) a copy of my web site to GoDaddy

  • Checked LJ

  • Watched Act II of the David Hasselhoff Broadway version of Jekyll & Hyde on DVD

    • It's actually very good. Forget his Mr Beach Babe persona, he has a great voice and his Hyde is really scary.

  • Made an omelette for lunch

To do:

  • Change the litterbox

  • Opening night performance at 8, call at 6:30.


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