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Things Viral
McAfee forced me to update my virus scan program in order to renew my subscription to their automatic updates for virus definitions. And the new program would not allow Eudora to download any email. It would hang for hours, saying there was a boatload of messages trying to download. The tech support folks were dumber than rocks, one thought the problem was the older verison of software still on my system, but the only older software I had was their old removal tool. The next guy, with a complete history in front of him showing I had disabled scanning to get my email downloaded, tried to walk me through disabling scanning, which he insisted was not virus scan. His English as a Twelfth Language courses failed to teach him that "disable scanning" on a program named "Virus Scan" might have something to do with scanning for viruses. I went online again tonight to get a refund, and the guy wanted me to phone someplace in Utah tomorrow. I told him I couldn't, I worked two jobs (which is true what with the play and all) and he processed the refund in about 3 minutes. Nice, but WTF?

So now I'm back to using Trend Micro, which sells a 3-seat license for the same as McAfee's single-user one. I had used them when I worked for Sony, because in QA testing we beat up McAfee, Norton and Trend Micro side by side, especially against XP SP2, and while Sony bundled all three with their PCs, Trend was by far the most reliable, and had the fewest false alarms. But then they made a big booboo and their update software blew away entire operating systems. So I went back to McAfee. Just installed Trend, and it's working fine with Eudora, and the only down side is it removes Spybot, my favorite anti-spyware widget. But it has the same functionality built in so no biggie.

Giving Notice
last night I faxed in my acceptance letter to Terayon, soon to be Motorola. I'd given my notice to the contract agency in the afternoon and to my Microsoft boss at the end of the day (only waited that long because we had a major melt-down of equipment I was responsible for, and we were both busybusybusy till about 6:30). This morning he invited me to tell the other two members of my team, and they were both happy for me. Terayon is a partner, we use their equipment, so it's a lot easier making the announcement than if I'd gone to one of the many competitors, which I easily could have. Kasenna would probably have hired me back to be their corporate trainer, now that the CEO and COO who made me run screaming from there have been fired.

More Photo Goodness
The very talented  Joyce Goldschmid has added the posed official photos from after Sunday's matinee to the live rehearsal ones from Thursday to the web site. Take a look at http://www.weddingprints.com/EventLogin.aspx?sid=74103 password is 2007. My costumer friends might want to buy the photo CD for the Victorian Era goodness. I really liked how Joyce worked, and try to promote good photographers when I find them, since I would have still been a poor starving artist photographer if I had not discovered the joys of chasing electrons, lo these many moons ago.

Tomorrow: Work as usual, though there may also be an unusual all-hands meeting. There's one on my calendar, but historically they get changed, canceled or forgotten. Jekyll & Hyde has an 8 pm curtain, they want us there at a ridiculous 6:30, I'll make it more like 10 till 7. As much as she rants about it, the SM never seems to notice. No meet and greet after the show for me until Friday, when I'm hoping a friend visiting from Ontario can make it to the show. And Sunday my sister will be there, but I'll send someone to bring her backstage, I think.

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