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Best Ever - Again

Wonderful Saturday night audience, and it is just wonderful what happens to a show when the director has stopped making changes and the cast can do run-throughs with an audience for a week and a half. This time about 3/4 were on their feet by the end of the curtain call. Something amusing about this show is because it is mostly a dark setting, the first time I really see the audience is when all the lights are on us for the curtain call. I am happy with my performance tonight, though there is still some room for improvement. I almost blanked on what my next song was while we were backstage waiting for the scene leading to my duet - lots of conversations backstage as the cast all leaves Jekyll and Emma to do their big love song, Take Me As I Am, and it derailed my train of thought. Got it back in plenty of time by using a writer's block trick - I stopped trying to come up with the first line and skipped ahead to the next one. Didn't bother to go greet the audience, by the time I'm out of costume it isn't worth it.

Found out that one of our stage hands is a friend of one of my favorite theater friends. I hope we can get him to come see the show.

It wasn't such a good day leading up to the show. My friend from Canada never did call me back, she flew home without seeing each other or even having a decent phone chat. I really wanted to see her, and it wouldn't have killed her to stay another night.

Went to have my nails done, and in the process of removing some of the previous gel coating, one of my nails split and bled. So now I have this very artistic nail which looks like Vlad the Impaler had a shot at it. I don't blame the nice woman who did my nails, the reason I have them done is they do this sort of thing if they are unprotected.

Got home and my asshole neighbor had his monster truck parked across three parking slots for the third time this week. I finally yelled at him - and he had the audacity to tell me I didn't need to yell, just tell him not to park there. Idiot child knows he's not supposed to park there, and I've had enough. Next time I'll complain to the manager. Doesn't help to call the police, they don't really have any jurisdiction unless the management calls. He always moves the truck or monster cars or van (he has four over-sized vehicles) pretty quickly, but just because he lives in the apartment closest to the carport doesn't mean he can use the driveway as his parking spot.

Bought some plants and a plant-friendly hood lamp for the betta tank, the plants look great but the lamp was the wrong size. Need to make an exchange tomorrow.

Had to go to the post office this morning to collect a package - once again the apartment staff was nowhere to be found when the mail arrived yesterday. Looks like I need to get a box at a mail/parcel box place. With my new job I won't be able to get to Mountain View during lunchtime to pick up packages. I should see if the place I used to use on El Camino & San Antonio is still in business. I'd rather not use a UPS store.

Cleaned the house a little, including disconnecting the Mac G3 which has been sitting on the kitchen counter for months. I put in more RAM and OS 10, when it looked like Apple wanted me to join their video QA group. But those recruiters have long since stopped calling, and the more I used the Apple the less I liked it. People who think MS Vista is a rip-off of OS 10 need to take better drugs. I didn't see much resemblance, except for pieces which both OS's stole from Yahoo and Google.  Anyway, the G3 is back in the closet.

Before the show I was on the piano in the green room, plunking out a song which was on my CD in the car. It's Lea Salonga's rendition of Fallin' from the musical They're Playing Our Song. Jekyll-Hyde liked it, and said he'd have to look it up. So I just made hims a CD with both the Broadway and London recordings, plus the Salonga track. There are a couple of other good songs on it, but Fallin' would make a good audition piece for him. He also has a CD out, and may be looking for material for another.

Loking forward to Shaari's visit. She has instructions to come backstage after the show, and then we'll go meet my cats and then out for dinner.  

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