Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Taking a short breather

Between work and the play, this is my first 8 hours of freedom outside of bedtime since last Saturday. Pumpkin woke me at 9:30, scratching my arm through the quilt - his way of finding where my arm is so he can curl up and flop down against it. I'd been up at 6:30, but went back to sleep after a quick pit stop and a nip of Scharffen-Berger 82%, which I keep small bits of on the night table.

The PC turns on automagically at 7 am, retrieves my email and waits for me. Except this morning I found my router had gone offline, lost all its settings, and it took me about an hour to get things back to working. Usually restoring the router from its backup file works, this time it didn't. Had to reboot the cable modem as well as the router.

Now that I've switched to GoDaddy.com for my domain hosting, I am no longer getting hundreds of spam messages, so browsing through my junk folder is a snap. All the truly bogus stuff is killed before it reaches my email folders, but stuff which may or may not be spam is passed through with a "[SPAM]" label attached to the subject. I can log into the webmail interface and tag those as "allow sender", "allow domain", "block sender" or "block domain". And once I uploaded my addressbook, any email  from someone in that list comes through as legit. Their webmail interface is really nice and clean and easy to use, and has a couple of features which prevents me from shooting myself in the foot without being obnoxious.

Looking at my web site, there are a few things I need to fix. I'll work on those this week. Something's wrong with the frames setting on my family album page, and none of the counters work (I knew about the latter because they use a different name for their cgi-bin folder).

Up and dressed, opened the front to to take the garbage out (Saturday is litterbox day) and there was a fedex envelope leaning against the door with my final paycheck. So the order of business this morning was:
  • Print new business cards
    • (I was running out, and also needed to re-do what's on the back of the cards to be less show-through to the front)
  • Change the litterbox
  • Take out the garbage
  • Deposit the check & get some cash
  • Go to Target For:
    • Kitty Litter
    • Erasers
    • Nuts
    • Condolence card for my cousin
    • Dry-erase markers
    • Blank white T-shirts
  • To PetSmart for flea stuff for Domino & Pumpkin

    To be done:
    • Iron on a portrait of Queen Victoria on one of the T-shirts
    • Have an early dinner
    • 8 pm Jekyll & Hyde performance
    • Cast party, if there is one

    In the Starbucks near Petsmart, Best Buy, REI, BedBathBeyond, etc. and there is a LOT of eye candy this afternoon. One woman just passed through wearing a tight stretch material top, no bra, and underneath she had 34 C's with nipples like .38 calibre bullets. Yum! Lots of short-shorts, too. I think I'll be here a while...

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