Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

SCA Makes Me All Misty-eyed

I'm not in SCA, but my minors in college were medieval history and Elizabethan literature, so I have a soft spot in my head heart for things anachronistic.

Many of my FL are active in SCA, and in this part of CA that means the realm of the Mists, or whatever the official SCA jargon is. Recently they changed who sits on that throne, and the person in charge now is someone who apparently is challenged in several areas of social acceptability.

And many of my FL are venting, ranting, criticizing or just doing the "we'll just have to wait this 6 months out" thing.

I just wanted to put something in perspective here. SCA started out as an organization to try to replicate, for fun and education, how things were in europe, especially England, during the times of knights in armor. In those days, one had no say whatsoever in who was in charge. God allowed royalty to give birth, and God put kings and queens on their thrones. Every now and then some very clever and talented fellow would put together a coalition of disgruntled lesser royalty (dukes, barons, earls, etc.) and use their combined armies to kick out the guy God had placed on the throne, but that was rare, and when it did happen it merely said God had changed His mind, and now there is a new dynasty to bow to.

Most of the time, you were stuck with who was on the throne, as long as he lived. And then you were stuck with his heir, usually his first-born legitimate son.

So for my friends in SCA who are griping about the new ruler, I have two suggestions.

1. Deal with it. God put him there. Six months beats the authentic "till death us do part" paradigm
2. Follow historical precedent and gather ye higher-level mucky-mucks to overthrow the bastard.

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