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BayCon Programming Blues

This morning I printed out the Saturday and Sunday schedules from the BayCon web site, and when I came home I parked myself in my easy chair with a highlighter pen, and started marking panels I wanted to attend. My first choice this year are any panels with Alan Dean Foster, Esther Friesner and People I Know like johnnyeponymous, britgeekgrrl and iamradar. Next priority are panels which have always been fun in the past, and lo and behold this year the panelists are all in my #1 group. Finally, there are concerts, especially by people I know, like figmo.

As has always been the case, there are many panels which I would like to attend which are at the same time. Sometimes I'll hop around, but it depends on how much fun I'm having.

So I'm looking at the names of panelists, and am surprised (in a good way) to see mistymarshall listed a few times. I have never met Misty, but from her LJ she seems to be My Ideal Woman™ *** so I am really looking forward to meeting her. But on Sunday, according to the schedule, I must choose between seeing her on this panel:

5/27/07 10:00
Golden Gate / Convene Fun Ways to Kill Your Characters A gamer/goth, anthropologist, pharmacologist, swordmaster, a Ranger and fan discuss all of the creative ways you can kill off your characters. It's not all blood and guts! Doug Berry
Jennifer Brozek
Sarah Goodman
Ed Green (M)
Frank Lurz
Misty Marshall

Or on this one:
5/27/07 10:00 Lombard / Synergy 4 Mapping the Brain How does the brain integrate the work of billions of neurons into a single conscious experience? In recent years, brain researchers struggling towards an understanding of this profound question have shifted from viewing the brain as a hierarchy of individual cells to seeing it as a symphony of cooperating assemblies of neurons. What does this imply for artificial intelligence? What about for treatment of stroke and other injury? Thomas Hopp
Kristina Kopnisky (M)
Misty Marshall 

I think I'll attend the latter, because my brain is about to explode.

And the big "WTF?" is figmo's concert is at the same time as Masq. I will be next door in the photographer's den, so maybe I'll hear something through the walls. Maybe. And by the same token, it looks like I will miss The Match Game, which is the entertainment at the Masq between the time the contestants show their stuff and the judges give the awards. Very frustrating because kevin_standlee has put so much work into this, and just thinking of johnnyeponymous and Esther Friesner together at last is making me ROFL.

 *** so is her roommate, bridget_coila. Decisions, decisions.

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