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We Have Chocolate (the sequel)

Found myself nodding off and looking at my watch during Tres Gique's concert** so I bailed and did the chocolate fountain thing. We are now up and running, so come on out to the far end of the hotel room 3117. I'll be here till 11:30, at which time I want to hit some of the other parties.

**Not that there was anything bad about the concert. It was good fun filk, but between my inability to leave a project unfinished and being spoiled by three months of rehearsing/performing with a cast which was just short of Broadway Professional quality, I just had to go melt 85% Lindt and Cadbury milk, and cut up some apples, bananas and rice crispies treats, and put out the mallows, strawberries and cherries.

I'm keeping the door open just a crack, out of deference to the non-party neighbors, just push it open and come in. I have Thai pop music on the playlist tonight, because I can, and I like it. Ask me nicely and I may take a stab at translating it for you.


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