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howeird.com is down! :-(

Woke up this morning to the error bell from Eudora saying my email was unreachable. Turns out the whole server hosting howeird.com is down. This means any photos served from there on LJ won't be visible. Sorry about that.

Alternate email for me is h0weird0 at yahoo.com

howeird.com is hosted by a company called sitelutions, in LA. They have been pretty reliable but when something goes wrong they take way too long to fix it. Of course Sunday morning is a nasty time for a computer to barf.

I should know - I'm on call this weekend, and so far have had one server in Ohio and another in Wisconsin crap out. The one in Wisconsin (last night) needed the help of one of my senior engineers and an engineer at the NOC in Atlanta which monitors most of our cable installations. Finally had it back up by 9 or so. Ohio I was able to fix myself, it took about half an hour to troubleshoot it with the NOC - one of three servers in a cluster decided it would de-register itself from the others.

Bums me out because I wanted to do Consonsance (filk con) and see two Cinequest (SJ film fest) movies which friends were in. But I have to be able to respond to these calls in 5 minutes and be online shortly thereafter, so I can't go too far from home. I can do all this on my laptop, if there's a wireless or DSL connection available - I guess I could have gone to consonance after all if I'd planned ahead. Argh. But frankly, Cinequest was my first priority.

figmo was kind enough to set up a live audio stream from last night's Consonance concert on Yahoo Messenger, so I got to hear a little, at least. I need to sit down and write some filks.

But I ramble.

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