Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

2 am and she called on the phone...

Not really, I'm just up too late at the PC again.

Had my nails done, then spent most of the day with long time soc.singles/ba.singles friend Janice. Fixed some things on her computer and helped set up favorites on her new cable box. Showed her the reason there was no audio coming out of two of her 5 speakers was there was no 5.1 audio on that particular CD. Changed CDs to one which did, and it got all purty. Also discussed helping a friend of hers clean up his non-profit org's web site.

Went home for dinner, got the car washed, then picked Janice up and went to Taragon in Svale to listen to cousin Renee's jazz group By EAR. Janice's kind of music. The link is misleading - Renee has two incarnations of this group, the folks shown on the web site only perform in Santa Cruz. When she comes over the hill, she brings a bass guitar player and a keyboardist who are not in the SCruz group. They're still worth a listen.

Dropped Janice off, did some minor shopping, and at home spent some time trying to figure out why Yahoo messenger locked my PC when I told it to invoke the new webcam. Finally uninstalled messenger. It's been acting nasty lately, no need to put up with that. Tried MSN Live Messenger, but they don't have the direct chat rooms feature. Webcam won't turn on unless someone in your friend's list has the right version, which none of mine do. Skype works fine with the cam. Maybe I should try Logitech's chat function.

Sunday plans - need to buy a new watch, talk to Janice's friend about his web site, call my massage therapist to find out if she is working and see her if she is. Take the bicycle out for a spin if the weather is good.

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