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Stranger Than Fiction

The plan was to just watch enough to see how long it took before Will Ferrell's clumsy stupid flailing attempts at comedy forced me to hit the eject button on the DVD player. Stranger than fiction - it didn't happen. And now I'm up way later than I had planned.

Stranger Than Fiction is very well-directed, for the first time ever Will is reined in and while his performance isn't Great Acting, it ain't bad. Perhaps having pros like Dustin Hoffman, Emma Thompson and Queen Latifa on the set helped. It definitely helped that a huge amount of his lines were narrated by Emma rather than spoken by him. And maybe love scenes with the ultra-cute and sexy
Maggie Gyllenhaal factored in.

Plot in a nutshell: An author (Emma) is writing a story about a presumably fictional character, a meticulous, anal-retentive IRS agent. Turns out this fellow actually exists. And Emma needs to kill him. His character, that is.

It's a good film. It gets a bit preachy at the end, and they chose the wrong ending,  but for the most part tightly written, with some clever surreal scenes as Emma tries to imagine how the character will die. Queen Latifa's role as the publisher's rep, there to try to cure Emma of writer's block, is way too small and quiet both for the Queen and for the purposes of the plot. 

Techie stuff was good too, audio mixing especially so. Cinematography and lighting also great. Costumes were a no-brainer, present day mundane. Set dressing ditto, except Hoffman was in far more little sets than he needed to be, and we really didn't need the men's shower scene at the swimming pool to include naked showering middle-aged men.

It's also a sweetly written script for those of us who are socially inept. Hope for geeks.


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