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Waiting for a test to run - boss suggested waiting longer for a flash card update before failing the test case. So I'm using a very lovely stopwatch shareware program and waiting.

Took the new PC case out of the box, and it is very nice. The only thing I don't like is the thumb screws (only 2 of them) which hold the side cover on are the kind which come out completely. My current case has a pull-handle which is much more convenient. But everything else is an improvement.

  • Huge fan at the top of the case, instead of the classic design which traps heat under the top of the case.

  • USB, audio, firewire connections are on top, at the front instead of awkwardly in the center or bottom of the front panel

  • Front panel is a mesh grid, lots of air flow

  • Drive bays are spaced so the drives are not squeezed against each other - again good for heat dissipation

  • Looks like there will be plenty of clearance between the PCI cards and the drives. Won't know for sure till I install everything

Meanwhile, UPS screwed up, and returned my shipment of CPU and Vista to TigerDirect, claiming they coud not locate my address. They didn't try - the address is correct in TD's records, my phone number is there too. Nobody at UPS tried to contact me or them. By the time I saw this in the tracking page, the box was on a plane back to Napier, IL! So much for building the box this weekend. Unless TG will give me a refund, in which case I'll go to MicroCenter for the stuff. Fry's doesn't carry the quad CPU that I could see, at least not at the SVale store. And they don't take AMEX cards.


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