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Runaway Bride

Got the DVD from amazon.co,uk, which had the Dr. Who 2006 Xmas special, aka Runaway Bride and a benefit concert at Millenium Hall in Cardiff with the BBC Wales orchestra and David Tennant, with lots of small video bytes by the composer, producer and, well you can watch it here. Missing (why?) from the concert and bytes were Christopher Eccleston and Billie Piper. Great job by Tennant and the orchestra - Tennant put on his full Welsh accent for the occasion. I liked hearing the composer talking about the way he fit the music to the characters.

Runaway Bride didn't work for me. The bride character was just plain wrong as a companion, even a temporary one. What they were going for, I'm sure, was a companion who would turn down the chance to have more adventures with the doctor, but they chose someone who had absolutely no chemistry with him. I was happy to hear her say no at the end, because I couldn't have stood another episode with her. The character is not exactly ditzy, she's unintelligent, not particularly beautiful or charming or charismatic or appealing. She pays no attention to what's happening around her, she is so "it's all about me" to the point of absurdity. And try as he might, The Doctor never manages to turn her around. For this kind of hook to work for me, the bride needs to have some kind of appeal which makes the doctor fall in love with her, or close to it. 

Her fiancee is also kind of a dork, all things considered. I don't know what the satanic spider woman villain character ever saw in him.

There are occasional clever lines, but all in all the script is pretty dull, especially the beginning when the Dr. suddenly finds a bride in full regalia in his tardis control room, and all the two of them can do is squeak monosyllables at each other.

As usual, great music, excellent special effects, especially the tardis chasing the taxi on the motorway. There was a lame tie-in with Torchwood, but it is never really explained.

One thing the episode did do for me was remind that this is the real deal. I've been so drenched in Torchwood I'd forgotten.
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