Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

The Best Planned Lays

Last night as planned I built the new-ish PC, new motherboard and CPU in a new case. It didn't come up.

The case is better laid out than the old one, though it is shorter by a few inches and not much deeper. While installing the SATA drives, I discovered that my drive0 data connector was broken. So I installed my spare drive. Also replaced 3 out of 4 SATA connectors which did not have retainer clips for ones which did. Put the power supply and RAM and boards in, plugged in the keyboard and bluetooth USB (for the mouse) and fired it up. No video. Removed the digital video card and plugged into the on board analog video port. Still no video. No beeps - the motherboard thinks it's okay. Just for a reality check I removed the RAM and powered up, got beeps.

Tried putting in the old processor, no change.  Old RAM, no change. Removed everything except the drives, keyboard and video and still nothing.

So I either have a defective motherboard or power supply.

Removed the old motherboard from its case, and was about the try putting that in, but some of its CPU pins are bent. That explains a lot of the symptoms of the old setup, but not the new.

So I went to MicroCenter, got a slightly newer model of basically the same motherboard and a power supply. Will try the new P/S first. I think I'll put the quad processor back in before that.

I'm on my laptop at Starbuck's - I could do this at home, my wireless works fine without the PC - but the eye candy is much much better here across the street from the CHM and movies. There's a new barista who is hotness-cuteness personified. And many young hotties in cut-offs. Back east we called them shorts, but out west shorts is usually men's underwear. Women in men's underwear are not (to me) as sexy as women in short cut-offs. Call me old fashioned.

So I've been catching up on LJ and email, of which there was a flood last night and tonight. Very happily surprised to see many of my BayCon photos in johnnyeponymous's Drink Tank 130 (you can check it out on efanzines.com). Any of her friends who have not yet done so need to read caprine's latest posts.

Before whacking away on the PC, it was a Good Day. Work featured an all-hands meeting and BBQ, catered with good food. I got a chance to chat in Thai a little with boss' wife, and play with their baby girl who is truly adorable. This from me, who generally doesn't like babies. Wish I had my camera. And I managed to drop a piece of chocolate-mousse-whipped cream cake all over the leg of one of the HR people. It was top-heavy and just fell as she put it on the plate, what can I say? Hella embarrassing way to be introduced, though.

They gave us the afternoon off, so I went home and rode my bike (had to pump up the tires first) around the neighborhood. Felt good. Maybe tomorrow I'll try Shoreline Park. Or a new route over Rengsdorff.

Watched the first two episodes of Dr. Who series 3 on DVD. More later but the main point is the new companion is, IMHO, the best yet. Finally they chose to build a character whose intelligence doesn't have to be discovered little by little. And DDG. And empathic. Rose, for all her good points, was basically a skank. 

This morning talked to landlady about the National Water & Power billing snafu. My line was this:
Me: Accounting 101. If you have paid all your bills, what should your balance be?
Her: Zero
Me: Then why does this show $73 as my balance?
Her: That's ridiculous!

She said she would have the weekday manager take another stab at calling them, armed with this zero balance concept. She is a very good landlady, and has been very supportive on this.

So, plans for today:

Do something outdoors.
Change the litterbox
Take another stab at the PC rebuild



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