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Wife Vs. Secretary

Next up in the Jean Harlow film festival was Wife vs. Secretary an awkward name, not really descriptive but close enough.  Myrna Loy is married happily,ecstatically to Clark Gable. Jean is Gable's able secretary. Jimmy Stewart, billed as "James" Stewart, is her boyfriend. Gable's mom sows the seeds - on a visit to Gable's office she sees Jean and later tells Myrna to have Gable fire the sexpot.

There's nothing going on between Gable and Harlow except a diligent secretary working long hours (including being on call) for her boss. All business, though it's plain that she would have wanted more if Gable had as much as dropped a hint. Which he didn't.

The usual plot stuff ensues which makes it look to Myrna like Gable is boinking Harlow. She goes from trusting to jealous in way too short a time, thanks to Gable's mom, whose husband apparently was  a major philanderer.

It's a small but excellent cast, they used the film as an excuse to have a junket in Havana, but all they shared with us was the airport. Sound stages for the rest. Good photography,fairly simple costumes and set. Well written, though there could have been a smoking gun scene, something which gives Myrna more cause to suspect her beloved trusted husband.

Harlow more than holds her own as an actress in this one. Unfortunately for her fans, though, she is conservatively dressed for the whole film.

I give it three stars on the Netflix chart.
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