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The weekend ended on an up note. My massage therapist called, she was working Sunday after all, and to make up for her no-show last time she spent almost 2 hours on me for the price of one.

The timing of the appointment left me with much time to kill, so I straightened up the mess I'd made in the computer room, watched some HDTV, played on the laptop a bit.

Costco has not changed very much in 10 years, except the food section appears to be better stocked, there are more vendors hawking free samples, and fewer customers are using those bright orange flatbeds - most are pushing the over-sized shopping carts. I did not intend on buying much so I did not get a cart. Good thing, because with a cart I would have spent way too much $$. As it is I splurged on a 4-lb bag of pistachios which set me back about $16. Also got the obligatory jar of marinated artichoke hearts and a tub of grape tomatos (both of these are on my normal shopping list so no guilt). Prices are high. I saw very few items which came in under what I'd pay at Safeway. The lines were not as long as I remembered, but they were much slower. The help was efficient (which is a change for the better) but the conveyor belts at check-out are nowhere near as long as they need to be to handle the wholesale loads most customers were processing. One nasty bit - they have a room for fresh produce where the whole room is refrigerated. Makes for a nasty shopping experience. I would have picked up some salad greens but I feared frostbite when a young Eastern European couple blocked the way, arguing in some Slavic language about garlic.

Slow start to work today. Staff meeting at 10, still going over my notes from Friday. I'm in the middle of a test which requires renaming a file, waiting 3 minutes, then checking for an SNMP alarm saying the file is missing. There are about 20 files.

I think I'll lunch at IHOP today.

After work I'll drop off the motherboard/CPU at MicroCenter since there is still hope that the board is defective in a way which would not affect the $600 CPU.

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