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Where did the time go? I almost got to sleep at 11 tonight, but was distracted. Amazing miracle, I let the cats out when I returned from BASFA at about 10:20, and they were back in at 10:30.

After work I dropped the motherboard/processor off at MicroCenter, they were willing to look at it in half an hour, but I told them I'd just pick it up same time tomorrow. Needed to get home since there was supposed to be a large package waiting for me. And there was - a vacuum cleaner which turned out to be much bigger and heavier than I expected, and oddly enough UPS did the right thing for a change and hoisted it over the patio wall so it was mostly out of sight to the casual observer. I just needed to go out onto the patio to drag it inside. Only took a few minutes to assemble, and it worked okay sort of - the self-propel switch doesn't seem to do anything. I may need to check the belts like they suggested in the assembly guide.

In the mailbox was the November 1981 issue of Playgirl, a couple of days too late, sort of. One of the models in this issue is dating one of my long-time women friends. I'm 90% sure she does not know about his modeling career, and this week they are out camping in  Yosemite. Yes, Chris, I've asked her to bring back any Ahwanee memorabilia she can snag. So I'll have to wait till she gets back home before I can work up to breaking this news to her. Mind you, she will be amused and impressed, and probably disappointed that of the three photos of him only one is nude. I've already decided I'll just suggest she ask him about his modeling career, and go from there.

Also in the mailbox was my auto insurance bill, a month and a half early. I went online to schedule a payment, but Allstate's web site only lets you pay the day you submit the $$. Foo. They do have an auto-pay thing, but I change credit cards every year (to get the lower balance and to avoid phishing), so that's not practical for insurance.

Which reminds me, I need to call them and let them know I have a new work address, and find out what my rates would leap to if I bought a new car.

BASFA was a parliamentary circus tonight, which is amusing on one level, but defeats the purpose of being a fan group. My hat's off to the illustrious president, who was fatigued coming into the meeting but managed to last it out for the full two hours of what's usually a 1.5-hour meeting. And also to his bride of 21 years melchar, BASFA secretary, who had to write way too much stuff. On their anniversary night, yet. Sometime I'll have to ask her why she doesn't use a laptop to take the notes. I know this i gonna make me sound like I have a stick up my ass, but I wish the membership would refrain from holding side conversations while the meeting is in progress. I have no trouble with a quick comment to your neighbor, but some of those were page-long and loud tonight.

I don't know if reddheart reads this, but if so, I deleted a comment on your site because my browser burped and made your post look like it was from johnnyeponymous and I thought I was replying to him. The information in the post was correct, but not the attitude. :-)

Enuf deep thought. Time for bed.

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