Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Short Stuff

MicroCenter's tech did not look at my board after all, and wasn't in when I went today. Grumble.

Went to Valley Faire, Hwy 17 was a zoo, worse than usual for almost 7pm.

Lots of eye candy. Once or twice the voice inside my head said "she's sure pretty" followed shortly by "she's sure under-aged". Sigh. Got my clock battery replaced. The pretty woman who performed the operation complimented me on my nails. There was a time when I'd have offered her to take my hands out for a test drive. But that's another story.

Am I Not Hot Department: Hot Topic, my favorite shop in the mall, is no longer in the mall. They are in the process of opening a tiny hole-in-the-mall shop selling band T-shirts and not much else. So much for the goth eye candy magnet.

Went to Radio Shack and bought...a radio!

Macy's in search of short sleeved shirts and a wallet, because everything in the store was 25-50% off. Didn't find anything - the way Macy's is laid out, you have to walk several miles to comparison shop. Instead of being arranged by type of clothing, they are arranged by designer brand. And none of them were selling short sleeved dress shirts. Just Plain Stupid. Wallets was not so bad, they were still arranged by brand, but only scattered across two sections near the belts. But 25% off of $45 is not my idea of a good deal for a wallet.

Home, in the mailbox was Stuff magazine. When they first came out, on the coattails of Maxim, the writing was very clever, the layout scattered but readable, and the models scantily clad and in several poses, so worth looking at. I got this subscription for free, and it's not even worth that. Dull writing, layout is so bad you can't tell the content from the ads, and the ads are more attractive. Single full-page shot of each model, usually over-dressed, plus maybe 3 pages of the featured model, also over-dressed. Sad to see a good mag go bad.

Taped to the door was a letter from the apartment manager telling us to make sure we don't have anything less than 18" from the gas heater. The city inspectors will be here Thursday to check. Seems to me the city is giving this apartment a hard time well beyond what is needed. Middle of June, how often does the gas go on? And the heaters can't throw enough heat 6" to start a fire, even left on full blast all day.

Watched an NR DVD from Netflix, The Sexual Story of O, which appears to be in Portuguese with English subtitles. The woman playing O is supposed to be American, but her accent is south of the border. Probably Brazilian. The two leading ladies have spectacular bodies, and we got to see all of them, often. The ending is grim, you might want to skip the last 5 minutes.

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