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Did lotsa little things. Bought a replacement for the broken vacuum cleaner belt & installed it. This is the belt which drives the self-propelled feature, which is a crock. When you push on the handle, it pushes a plunger which engages the wheel drive. It's useless unless you have about 3 feet of space ahead of you.

Removed the CPU and fan from the dead motherboard, put them in their original case and put the CPU cap onto the board. That all will sit for a while waiting for the replacement board.

Put the SATA drive in its original shipping box, will send it to WD Saturday.

Pulled the two dead motherboards out of the garbage, will call Intel and find out how much they will charge to fix the munged CPU beds. If it's low enough I'll send those in and sell 'em on eBay when they come back.

Or I may build another PC - I have enough parts, just need a hard drive & DVD drive. And CPU. And RAM. Maybe not, then.

Set up TiVo to snag kevin_standlee's spotlight on the news. Where it will have to sit till the PC is back up, 'cause that's where the software resides to get it into a DVD.

Ripped the tracks from the Tony Bennett/KD Lang CD before sending it to Mom. Gotta have a backup :-)
Actually I think I'll wait till the other dozen CDs get here. Mom says she doesn't care what KD says about her orientation, she sings like a woman. And she does, too.

Glad to see most of my friends survived the zombies. If they had read the book, like I did, they would have had a safe and sane day on the 13th. Just Like me.

And now I'm gonna wrap my lips around a glass of Chateau Ste. Jean Fumé Blanc, just about the only wine I can tolerate, and only as a sleep aid. Nitie Nite.

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