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Zerophilia - The Movie

The choice Sunday night was between some male Bond-ing with Casino Royale or popping this totally unknown movie called Zerophilia into the DVD player. Since I was going to be interrupted by computer re-imaging foo, I chose the latter. And am glad I did.

This is what an indie movie should be. Made in and around Eugene, Oregon by Microangelo Entertainment, the production values are so high it's hard to believe it was not done by a major studio. I love it when the technical side is done so well that I am free to enjoy the story.

The hook is this: there are otherwise normal people out there with an extra chromosome which makes them change genders when they orgasm. It makes them start to change genders as soon as they start getting turned on. Our first clues about this phenomenon arrive early in the film as Luke (Taylor Handley) looks in a mirror and thinks he sees less chest hair than usual, after having got lucky for the first time in his young life.

Really hot chick Michelle (Rebecca Mozo) goes on a date with Luke, and early in the awkward small talk Luke hyperventilates, and excuses himself from the table to run out back and examine his new 36 C's. His roommate Keenan (Dustin Seavey) had noticed the symptoms a while ago, and had corresponded with a doctor named Sydney who claimed to know just what was going on. The doctor turns out to be another really hot chick (Gina Bellman). She confirms his symptoms, though not the way she wanted to (she's out of Luke's preferred age range) and labels the condition "Zerophilia". Love of zeros? Oh well, I guess you can't have everything. The doctor suggests Luke try being female as a way to discover his True Identity, and there's a funny scene while he's in his room whacking off (while Keenan and his girlfriend Janine (Alison Folland) "guard" the door) in an effort to flip to the other side.

As a girl named Luca (Marieh Delfino), he finds he has the hots for Michelle's brother Max (Kyle Schmid). And the plot thickens.

The sex changes are well done technically, some editing, some stop-action animation as makeup is applied, and possibly some CGI. Acting is good all around, no Oscars here but no rotten tomatoes either. Ironically, the only "name" in the cast, model Kelly LeBrock, mostly ended up on the cutting room floor, and deservedly so, judging from the "deleted scenes" clips on the DVD.

This is a movie which deserves way wider distribution than it got. It would make a terrific main entry in the Morgan Hill film festival, among others. Highly recommended.
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