Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Yippee Skippy

I'm on Vista, and thanks to hints from unseelie23 and some random web sites, I have access to the RAID array.
1. Find the command prompt (I had to search for "command" )
2. Right-click on it, and choose "run as administrator"
3. In the command window, enter:
    net user administrator /active:yes
4. Reboot
5. Admnistrator now appears as a user name. Click on it
6. Open "Computer" (formerly known as the incredibly juvenile "My Computer")
7. Right-click on the RAID drive.
8. Select "properties"
9. Click on the "security" tab
10. Under "group or user names" click "add"
11. Type in your user name and click "OK"
12. Highlight your user name in the list and click on the "full control" check box
13. Click "OK"
14. Stand by as Vista goes through every single file re-setting permissions.
      - Some files Vista refuses to give you access to. A dialog box comes up telling you so. Hit "enter" of click "Continue" to bypass the error
      - This is a vast improvemnent over earlier Windows, which would just abort right there
      - But if they had real brains they would have included a "don't ask me again" checkbox
15. When you're done, it's a good idea to check for errors:
       -Right-click on the drive icon in Computer
       - Select Properties
       - Click on the "Tools" tab
       - Click on "check for errors"
To get rid of the annoying administrator login which delays booting up into your user area:
16. Right-click on command (you created a shortcut on your desktop in step 2, didn't you?) and run as administrator
17. Enter this:
 net user administrator /active:no
18. Reboot

Now, wasn't that easy and incredibly intuitive?


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