Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Tummy Grumbling

Must be time for lunch.
Did a lot of software installing last night, and also ordered Vista-compatible upgrades for Photoshop and Pagemaker (now called InDesign, WTF?) for a whopping $200 each. That's for the upgrade versions, I would never be able to afford either of them if I had to pay full price. Maybe I should buy Adobe stock, it's cheaper.

Having a heck of a time getting Vista to let me use the updated bluetooth drivers which allow my Motorola phone to connect with their software. It insists on using the generic drivers, which see my devices just fine but don't pass the info to the apps.

My fried drive took three Roxio buy-by-download programs with it. A call to support got me the links to download them again, and the reminder to burn them to CD. Good thing I registered them. Funny thing is the only reason I did is I have an account on their site from working for them.

Tonight I'll do more software installing, and PhotoShop some pix for a friend who has been waiting patiently for a couple of weeks for my machine to be up to it.

One nasty which carried over from XP - Yahoo Messenger locks up the PC when I try to load the webcam. It was doing that before any of my computer woes. I have Skype and three other apps which have no trouble with the webcam, and I'm pretty sure from the symptoms that Yahoo's servers and network are just too slow, and I'm seeing a network handshaking problem.

Looks like I will be changing my home phone from VoIP with Vonage to a land line. I may try Comcast VoIP first, but it depends on whether it means buying a new router. Vonage connections have been poor, with people telling me that through the course of a phone call the volume fades to the point where they can't hear me at all. This is with two different phones, so the problem is probably the carrier. Only way to tell for sure is change carriers. I'll miss the low price, but them's the breaks.

Off to consume mass quantities...

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