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Going to bed "early" - before midnight tonight 'cause I'm pooped.

The Photoshop upgrade arrived, it is almost identical in look and feel to version 7, but is blazing fast, and has no trouble loading up a ton of images at the same time. The magic wand selector works way better, which is a feature I'd love to have used a lot of but it just wasn't accurate at the default settings and I was too lazy to take a class. From what I've seen, most classes are big on layering and not so big on the simple stuff I want to do.

Installewd the CD printer software, and unfortunately most of my saved labels are toast. Pretty soon I'm going to salvage what I can of photos and videos and then reformat the RAID array. 

The Hauppauge capture/tuner doesn't work. Maybe incompatible with the nVidia display card. There only seems to be one non-ATI capture card on the market which works with Vista and fits in a PCIe slot. I think Fry's carries it - Microcenter may also. But that can wait.

Time for bed. Nitey night 

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