Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Getting There

Made a Fry's run after work, got the mounting grommets for the LEDs, and a hard drive and DVDRW drive and mouse for the soon-to-be-built spares computer.

Got home to find the new Vista-compatible scanner on the patio. Downloaded the latest drivers & software, hooked it up, and it runs like a champ. Fast, sharp images, no hassles. So add an working, but not with Vista scanner to the spares pile.

I'll probably get around to building the spare PC in a couple of weeks. If you're interested in a fairly powerful home-built computer for about $800, let me know. Basic info:

No monitor

  • Intel 975 motherboard

    • LAN, VGA Video, 7-channel digital audio (with SPDIF optical out) on the motherboard
    • </li>
    • SATA RAID (4-disks) available on the motherboard
    • </li>
  • Intel 2.4GHz dual core CPU

  • 4GB DDR2 667 RAM (1 pair is PNY the other pair is Corsair)

  • Antec case & 500W Power supply

  • 120 GB IDE Hard drive

  • HP DVDRW drive

  • Keyboard and mouse available on request, but frankly you will do better buying your own.

  • Windows XP 64-bit fully licensed

  • For another $100 I'll add a 5.1  Philips speaker set.



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