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Phone Call from the CHP

It's all figmo's fault. I heard her voice on KLIV today, and stuck around for the news. There was an item which made me visualize the phone call which the CHP may have made to the parental unit.

CHP: Hello? Is this Mr. Al Gore, Jr.? This is Officer Jones from the CHP

AL: Yes, officer, what can I do for you?

CHP: Well, Mr. Gore, I have some bad news and some good news

Al: Oh?

CHP: Yes,sir. The bad news is we arrested your son, Al the Third, for driving 100 MPH, possibly under the influence of marijuana, and in possession of some prescription drugs to which he could produce no prescription.

Al: (expletive deleted). You said there was good news? What could possibly be good news after all that?

CHP: He was driving a Prius.

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