Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Jamie Was Robbed

This afternoon's DVD entertainment was Collateral for which Jamie Foxx was nominated as Best Supporting Actor.

He was robbed.

But not in the usual way.

He should have been nominated for Best Actor in a Leading Role. His role was bigger than the Official Star Tom Cruise's. Yes, I know this would have had him competing with himself, but it would not have been the first time someone was nominated twice in the same category. And he deserved the honor of being acknowledged for two amazing performances in a single season.

Not much more to say about the movie. It was not my kind of flick, I only got it to see if Foxx was as good playing a regular human being as he was at imitating a legend. Both require a lot of talent, but they are very different talents. He done good.

A couple of peeves. The soundtrack was horrible. Overbearing, too loud, poorly mixed, and often did not match the mood of the scene. Some scenes were way too long, I hit the FF button a couple of times because all we were doing was waiting for some awful tune to finish.

Cinematography was mediocre. There was not a single frame where I went "wow" over the artistry of a shot. Continuity was erratic, sometimes I had no idea how a character got from frame A to frame B. And then there was the cliché bit towards the end which was a poor immitation of the famous fun house mirrors being shot at in Orson Welles' 1948 film noir classic The Lady From Shanghai.

The script was heading in the right direction, but never got there. Just when I thought we were going to see or hear something clever, we just heard something stupid for the fourth time.

And talk about lack of attention to detail. A guy lands on the roof of a taxi after a 4-storey drop, there is broken glass mixed with blood everywhere, but all the cab's windows are intact, as are its lights, turn signals and windshield. Yes, the windshield is damaged, but no glass fell out of it.

Hopefully, Jamie Foxx will land more leading roles, ones where he has better material to work with and is given the top billing he deserves.

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