Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Optioning My Exercise

Started the day with Pumpkin cureled up in the crook of my arm, he didn't want to move when I got up, and complained bitterly when suddenly there was no Howeird wrapped around him. Wasted much time playing on the computer, which meant not getting to the PO to pick up my sapphires, because I needed to pick up biking buddy for an 11:00 ride. Much to our surprise we made it without any trouble from Shoreline Park to Ming's in Palo Alto and had our usual Dim Sum lunch before biking back, total round trip about 9 miles. We were lucky we started early, the wind was not too bad and there was plenty of parking. By the time we got back the wind had picked up and gotten chilly, and the parking lot was a mess.

Took her home and worked a little on her PC, showed her how to get set up to download her checking account info into Quicken. All these years she has been using it she did not know she could get her transactions online, and Quicken will reconcile the check register.

Did some minor grocery shopping on the way home, Safeway had a 2-for-1 special on light ice cream but they were all out of mint chocolate chip. Went across the street to Bevmo and picked up a bottle of Sabra (planned), and a bottle of Vermeer chocolate liquor (impulse). Then home, put the bike & bike rack away, relaxed a bit before going to Starbucks to read some more Harry Potter, and to find out what the deal was with 7-11 being changed to Kwik-E-Mart. I'm not a Simpsons fan, so did not recognize the name. I'm sure they chose this particular store because it is across the street from the movie complex. Took lots of photos. Check them out here. And some teasers

Home again, had to install Real Networks' player because Windows Media Player has crapped out in many ways - won't grab CD info from the Internet, won't rip correctly to Windows Media format (and Vista seems to not have the normal codecs - WTF?), and it's even blue screened on me.

No plans for tomorrow. Will probably finish HPTHBP tonight.  


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