Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Time for a Kwik-E

Plugged in the spares PC to power and LAN and fished out the Monitor'sVGA cable for the motherboard's bult-in video and discovered there wasn't any. The older motherboards had that, not the new one. So I dashed off to MicroCenter and picked up the cheapest PCIe video card they had,  thought about writing this in the Mercado Starbucks, but it's a very small, poorly laid out shop, I prefer the one on Shoreline & Pear ave - better layout and a steady flow of eye candy. Especially now that there's a Kwik-E-Mart kitty corner from it.

There is a small crowd in front of the Kwik-E, 10 people max, and the usual routine is to take pictures out front, then go inside to check the place out, maybe buy something, then leave. It takes about 10 minutes, and maybe 1/3 of the tourists park across the street on Pear Ave which makes for a few empty spots for Starbucks customers. Quizno's is closed Sundays, and none of the other shops have opened yet (in fact only one even has a sign up) so there's ample parking.

And there are a few people coming into Starbucks with Kwik-E's version of slurpees, while their friends buy frappucinos.

I was thinking about this sort of thing the other day when I was having lunch at Sizzler and some skinny kid passed by me in line with a bag from Jack-in-the-Box next door to join his parents and brother who were having steak & salad. In America that's considered very rude, and some places would have asked him to leave. One of the things I liked best about Thailand is I could order anything at the night market from any vendor, and they would get it to me, even if it was from another vendor. This worked in most restaurants, too (just not the hotel ones or the big touristy ones). But in the night market you were sitting on folding chairs, and you weren't paying for the air conditioning or lighting of muzak or ambiance.

Not much to write about today. I'll put the video card in the PC and see if it fires up, and may install XP-64 on it. I've boxed up the other two motherboards, the all-in-wonder card and the HP ipaq, and will put those on eBay tonight. And will probably watch Casino Royale, the DVD from Netflix has been sitting on the TV stand for weeks.

Looking up, I see we have been invaded. There are 6 redheads at 3 tables.

Tomorrow I'll leave a little early to be at the PO at 8:30.  Weekly staff meeting this wee isn't till 10. Odd, we have only had one mail delivery at the apartment since the 4th - on Friday.

Finished Half Blood Prince last night. The final battle scene was not well described, I'm sure it will be much easier to understand when they make the movie. Very disappointed with how she revealed the identity of the title character. It should have been a big "ah-ha!" moment but it was more like being tossed a lateral pass in a high school football practice. I also didn't buy either Draco's or Snape's end-of-book encounter with Dumbledoor. Neither was in character for them, and in Draco's case she went overboard trying to make a morality message for the teenaged readers which just doesn't hold water in these days of gang-related murders.

Not sure if I'm looking forward to the final book. I'm not reading it till the paperback is released in about a year.


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