Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Double Distractions

So I accomplished two things I wanted to do today: fired up the new spare parts PC and installed XP-64 on it and watched Casino Royale.

The PC will sit in a corner until I figure out how to sell it. The DVD will go back to Netflix mostly unreviewed save a few words:

It was not the best Bond movie by a long shot.

I did not think this Bond was even close to suiting the role. I am talking movie legacy here, I don't give a flying farkle about the books, I have never read them. Even considering this is supposed to be Bond's first episode as a 00.

The Bond women here also were not up to the legacy, and there were only three in the movie - the two she shagged looked too much alike, and the bad guy's moll was kind of big boned and not particularly memorable from the neck up.

Audio editing sucked. There were scene changes throughout the film where background audio cut out completely and didn't resume for several seconds. I couldn't hear some of the dialog.

The bad news is between these two things I forgot to call the folks. Will have to do that tomorrow. I'll have time, since they have moved BASFA to Wednesday. 

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