Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Wet Blanket

Wet pillow case, actually. Did the laundry, left a pillow case in the washer, which I found after my stuff had dried. A few weeks ago I'd bought a new iron, cordless, but had not even opened the box yet. So I took it out and lo and behold instead of it being rechargeable, it was a modern version of the original irons which you heat on the stove. Except this one came with a nice little heating module. Push a button for there desired temp, wait for the red light to go solid, and pull the iron off the base and iron away. One zap lasts a long time - 5 minutes maybe. I was able to iron dry the pillowcase in about 10 minutes.

Engineering meeting was pretty good, again. A couple of key people missing, but still a goodly crowd. I saw one of my feature requests is going into the next product, that's kewl. They also made some tweaks on a couple of new features which showed they are very good hands with Occam's razor.

Got back to my desk to find that the bug I was so jazzed about finding yesterday was already tackled and fixed for the new product, and the engineering project manager is having the fix ported to the one I'm working on now, so the final release will ship with that fixed. It also got me a pat on the back from one of the other QA guys. This is a wonderful change from most places I've worked where QA reports bugs, engineering fights them all the way, or marketing decides it's not worth fixing. These guys want as bullet-proof a product as they can make, and don't take it personally when someone finds a bug. They also are good about quickly shooting down non-bugs and duplicates.

johnnyeponymous needs to go to Rite-Aid. In their seasonal department they are selling a thatch-roofed tiki bar for a mere $99.00. It's in-store only, they don't list it online.

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