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Cashectomy Creditectomy

Lunch time I went to the Toyota dealer to order a replacement for the front power door lock which over the past couple of years has gone from sometimes not locking to always popping back up after it almost locked. The alarm will still go off if someone opens the door, but considering how we've become conditioned to ignore car alarms (or just complain about them) and how I often keep valuable items in the car (Metro from 2 weeks ago, the used wiper blades I replaced last month, bungee cords and a rusty flashlight), it seemed a good idea to get this fixed. Mostly because I'll be driving to Seattle soon, and don't want to tempt those notorious Northwet hooligans.

Bottom line - it's a special order part, and cost $300 which I had to pay for them to order it. It should arrive tomorrow, so my Sunday repair appointment plans may be feasible after all. Glad I checked, otherwise I'd have wasted a trip.

Had lunch at Thai Basil in Sunnyvale Town Center. I know some of my LJ readers are also fans of this place, be aware they just changed hours, and are closed Sundays, but their newly expanded Murphy Ave place is open then. My usual chat with the wait persons was much more interesting than usual - turns out three of them are from the town in which I did my second Peace Corps year, Haad Yai, and they even knew the place I'd worked including the 3-way intersection it's on. And we all snickered at the guy at the next table when he asked for chopsticks, as if he expected them to be on the table automatically. I should have told him the Thais only use those for Chinese food.

Back at work, there was quite a crowd in the break room watching the ping pong match. It was pretty good - the CEO and the head of support vs. the woman in charge of sales ops and someone I think is an engineer, but may be a manager too. Ping pong is real popular here, we have two tables and usually there are two doubles games going at the same time.

Found another bug this morning, I think. The reason I'm not sure is although any customer would call it a bug and report it to Tech Support, the veteran ace QA engineer in Belgium saw the saw the same results on the previous release, and marked the test as passing. I'll probably get some feedback from Engineering today or Monday.

Picking up a prescription tonight after work, no other plans. I think I'll ask you to vote.

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