Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Fish Foo

The betta tank has been gunked up with algae, which is very strange because I did not think there was anything in the tank which could have introduced it. Looking at betta mating videos on Youtube reminded me that they do best in a tank which has no gravel - bare glass floor and no ornaments.

So after lunch I put a couple of gallons of treated water into the old 5-gal tank, scooped out my five fish and put them in there while I drained their 10-gal tank, removed all the plastic plants, ornamental rocks, gravel and glass beads. Washed the tank out, cleaned the algae off the heater, filled the tank back up with treated water, re-installed the heater, cover & lamp and put the fish back in.

And saw my male Siamese fighting fish is all bloated and sinking to the bottom of the tank between gulps of surface air. I'm online now to look up cmpriest's betta constipation cure, which turns out to be mashed peas, and as soon as I am done entering this I'll thaw one and feed it to the fishies.

Productive morning. Changed the litterbox, cleaned out the car's garbage bag, took the car to the car wash, stocked up on kitty little and cat food at The French Store, visited a friend who gifted me with a pretty blue hard cover from my Motorola Razr phone, came home to voicemail that the part for my car had arrived, and called the dealer to find out if I could bring the car in tomorrow. Nope, that kind of repair they only do on weekdays. So I'll bring it in at (don't ask me how) 7 am Monday. With luck they will be done in time for me to make the 9 am staff meeting. No big deal if I miss it, as long as I email ahead. The dealer has wireless in their waiting room.

Caught up on my Tivo viewing.  

Saw the Harry Potter movie last night. Good fast-moving flick, didn't look at my watch till 5 minutes before the end. True enough to the book, what little I remember of the book. Imelda Staunton as Dolores Umbridge should be nominated for a best supporting oscar, and whatever the UK equivalent is. She creates and maintains a character who is sweet and girlish and completely evil. I have seen nothing like it since Tipper Gore.

Cinematography and special effects were not up to par, nor was audio or sound editing. I really like how they fit Dudley into a teen bully character in his second scene. The whole first scene with the Dursleys was strange - Dudley is still the spoiled fat kid, his father looks walking-dead pale, Petunia is showing more leg (and very shapely leg, at that) than any middle-aged housewife ever would.

Gambon continues to do well as Dumbledore, but Rickman's Snape is a bit too caricature.

All in all a good movie for those who are familiar with the series.  

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