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Trying to not be sweet is a pain

Okay, so I went back to eating single portions and not bringing a cooler full of allegedly wholesome food to snack on all day at work, and got my blood sugar levels way way down to normal. And below. I need less insulin if I eat less, but how much less is not something which is easy to compute.

So for the past couple of days I have been roller coastering between lows and highs. The highs are closer to normal than they had been. Some numbers:

Last week's highs were 230-300. This week's highs are 120-133. Low for the average diabetic is anything under 70, low for me at the moment is anything under 85. The longer I can maintain a low average, the lower my low point will become. To a point - 70 is about as low as most diabetics can get before they start to feel the start of low blood sugar. It feels like being nervous and very hungry at the same time. The nervous, they tell me, comes from adrenalin, which is kicked into the system to poke the liver into producing sugar, to help with the hunger symptom.

Anyway, the last couple of nights I misjudged the insulin dosages, and ended up waking up in the middle of the night needing food Right Now. It takes about 15-20 minutes for what I eat to become sugar in the blood stream, and during that time the insulin continues to absorb blood sugar, so the hunger pangs get worse as I'm eating. So I eat too much. Which makes my blood sugar spike. So instead of, for example, last night's reading on 67 going to some nice low-ish number after the application of two scoops of light ice cream (about 150 calories) it went down to 65 before creeping back up to 130. By this time I had added a scoop of high-test Haagen Dazs. The aim was to get it to about 80-85. These low sugar incidents also drain my energy for hours afterward. And they annoy Pumpkin, who does not like his sleep to be disturbed by his back rest leaving the bed.

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