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Bowling, the sequel

I went to the pro shop this afternoon prepared to be re-fitted and have the ball re-drilled. The nice man was in the process of pouring filler into the thumb hole of a ball which was going to be re-drilled, and he had half a dozen more lined up with the holes filled, ready for new ones.

So imagine my surprise when he did some minor filing and sanding on my bowling ball, and showed me it was already a perfect fit, I was just holding it wrong.

The lanes were full with a children's party doing "moonlight bowling", so I didn't have a chance to try it out. Moonlight Bowling is where they turn out all the lights in the place, and you bowl with just the lights right above the pins, and some deep blue runner lights along the lane partitions. It didn't seem like the best way for kids to bowl. I could see naked coed bowling under those conditions, though.

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