Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

O-wahn-teen and Bud Selig

There is no "v" in Thai. And an "L" at the end of a syllable is turned into an "N". So "Ovaltine" is pronounced "O-wahn-teen". On my drive to and from Seattle, the AM stations I was listening to were all sponsored by Ovaltine, and those obnoxious chori of children shouting, "More rich chocolaty Ovaltine, please."

Drove me up a friggin wall.

Ovaltine does not even begin to taste like chocolate, much less rich chocolate. It doesn't dissolve very well, so a glass of milk with Ovaltine in it looks like milk with crushed lava in the bottom of the glass. And it tastes like milk with a hint of dust. I do have to admit I like the crunchy feel of Ovaltine, and used to eat it right out of the jar. But chocolate it is not. And being in a car for 8 hours with those commercials blaring was way too much like being Daddy driving the four kids across country on vacation. Thank goodness my car radio has an easy to find mute button.

Bud Selig was not at the game when Bonds hit his epic homer. I don't see what the fuss is about - he had seen #755, and he has a whole carload of other teams he needs to pay attention to. He did the right thing, IMHO, with two reps on the field and someone keeping an eye on the game for him so he was able to phone Barry as soon as the ceremony was over. Give him a break.

When did the media start calling Hank Aaron "Henry"? Yes, I know it's his official name, but he'll always be Hank in my mind.


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