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Fried Day

Quiet day at work, installed the latest build to re-test a bug from a few builds ago and found a new and amusing variation of it. The good news is it's totally cosmetic, doesn't affect any functionality, the better news is you have to be doing something slightly non-standard and watching real closely to see it. 99.99% of customers won't notice, and the .01% who do will think it was the drugs.

Set up a bidding agent on eBay the other day to see if I could snag a Nikon D200 for $200 under list price - the refurb dealer was selling one every few hours with a starting bid of $40. None of them went for less than $1250. The sale looks like it will continue for several days, but I think I'll wait till the D80 comes to see if I really want to spend so much on a camera body. Of course in real dollars, it's less than I spent on my first Nikon back in the 80's.

Someone posted a nastygram as a reply to an unrelated post, complaining about me making a couple of posts private. I went to the person's LJ user info, hoping to see an email address I could use to send a polite note of explanation,  and discovered that journal has zero user contact info and has comments completely locked out. Talk about hypocrisy.

Meanwhile, I'm ripping all my Lea Salonga CDs to the PC so I can loan them to my dentist and not have to worry about when I'll get them back. She has a lovely voice, and she just keeps getting better. I first discovered her as the voice of Jasmine in Disney's Aladdin, and started collecting her CDs from a Philippine company on eBay. She became pretty famous in the islands when she played the title role in the Manila production of Annie. She was also the voice of Mulan in the Disney film of the same name, and from there went to Broadway, where she played Eponine in Les Miz, won a Tony for Best Actress as Miss Saigon's original Kim, and the Mei-Li in the revival of Flower Drum Song. A marriage and a child later, she's now on Broadway in Les Miz again, this time as Fantine. Right now I'm hearing a duet with her brother, singing Happiness, my favorite tune from You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown. He also has a good voice - which we don't get to hear enough because he's usually busy conducting the Manila Philharmonic.
Taking a break from watching Bennie and Joon. Good flick. Another Johnny Depp character to enjoy.  Took the break to check on some Tivo captured and edited, and were being made into a DVD. I'll do one more DVD's worth when I'm done here. Have to boot XP though.

Plans for tomorrow:
Matinee of Hairspray.
Get some exercise - I may bike to the theater.
Hang out at Starbucks and finish Lake Wu and maybe start Breakfast With Scot.

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