Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Nikon D-80 First Impression

Wow, this camera is fast. And unlike the D-70, it defaults to focusing on what's in the center of the frame, where the older camera chooses whatever object in the frame is closest. I still can't figure out what drugs made them choose that default. There was a scary moment when the camera insisted the shot was in focus, but all I saw was a blur. Apparently in fitting on the slide-on eyepiece protector, they turned the optical corrector dial - the one which people who wear glasses can use to correct the view to their prescription setting and shoot without wearing glasses.

Brilliant photo, and so far I like the menu. But the battery needed charging so I did not play much.

Two bummers:

  1. It cannot use the D-70's batteries (3-contact vs 2-contact)

  2. It cannot use the D-70's memory  (SD vs Compact Flash)

So I'm going to be spending more on memory than I'd expected. Not just the different format, but this camera is 10Mp while the D70 is 6Mp so I need 1/3 more memory for the same number of pix.

But all in all I'm happy.

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