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The Com-poo-tear Room

By popular demand, here's where I spend way too much of my time.

The big picture
The big picture.
What a beat up chair (I need a new one with a higher back)!

The PC under the desk is hand made from parts, it has a 3.2GHz Intel P4 CPU, 2GB of RAM, ASUS P4C800 motherboard. There are two Western Digital 120GB ATA/100 drives C: and D: where I keep most of my applications, and a pair of 240GB SATA drives RAIDed together into one 480GB volume, which is where I capture audio, video and photos, and also where I keep disk-hog apps like Eudora email. There's a TDK 8x DVD-RW drive and an el cheapo DVD-ROM drive which doubles as a 52x CD-RW. And there's a floppy drive in there too.

The motherboard has a 10/100 NIC card built in, as well as digital audio, which is hooked up to Yamaha TSS-1 5.1 surround sound speakers. This will play standard analog audio, DTS and Dolby Digital.

Attached by USB are an Epson Perfection 1260 scanner, a Canon i560 printer, a Microsoft wireless mouse and a PNY 120MB memory stick which I mostly use to back up Quicken. Also on USB is an extension cable which is used to connect to my cell phone, digital camera and X10 automated light switch module. A 9-pin serial Com port adapter plugs into my blood glucose meter.

The display is a 19" Dell 1905FP LCD flat panel, connected to the digital port of PNY Mc2 Multimedia Control Center AGP board based on the nVidia geForce FX-5700. This is also connected to cable TV, an FM antenna, and a JVC S-VHS videotape machine. More on that later.

In addition to the hard-wired NIC, there's also a D-Link wireless adapter and directional antenna. These are connected to a Linksys Wireless-G broadband router, which in turn is connected to Comcast's cable modem. The router also has phone jacks, and the phones in the room are connected there using Vonage's voice-over-IP service.

The built-in audio port includes a MIDI connector, which is plugged into a much more impressive looking than it really is Casio CTK-491 MIDI keyboard. I use SmartScore Songbook edition to record from the keyboard and print out music scores.

Out of sight is a 17" Dell LCD monitor which I plan to sell Real Soon Now, but want to sell locally since it would cost too much to ship. Also out of sight is my Gateway laptop, a Dirt Devil upright cordless vacuum cleaner and a bookcase containing about 10,000 slides and photos from my analog photography days.

A/V Rack
My Audio/Video Rack

Yes, that is an authentic Microsoft™ Etch-a-Sketch® "operating system" up on top there, next to the equally authentic Gobbles The Turkey Beanie Baby.

On the right is a Technics SL-D20 Direct Drive Automatic Turntable System. It connects to the top of the stack of goodies to the left, an RCA SA-155 intergrated audio amplifier. Also hooked up to the input side of that top box is the audio output from the bottom box, a JVC HR-S5911U S-VHS videotape machine. The output of the audio box goes to the input on the PNY MC2 Multimedia Control Center's input adapter.

The JVC's video output is connected to the second box from the top, a Sima Model SCC color corrector. This is handy for adjusting the harsh colors of old videotapes, and sharpening the faded ones.

Below the Sima is an Admiral color TV, used as a monitor for both the JVC, and the box below the TV, a Panasonic PV-7451, which is mostly used to copy videotapes. Last but least, below the Panasonnic is a Sony TC-WE305 dual casette tape deck, which used to be good for high speed copying, until CDs became a much better medium for audio. Now I use it to create CDs from old tapes. I'm in the process of copying my tapes from 1970's Thailand, which are old and won't last much longer.

Cable gear  
Advanced Communications Center

This is a close-up of my communications command center. The cable modem, router, 5.8GHz cordless phone (to not mess up the 2.4GHz wireless stuff) connected to the VoIP router. This is on my elegant filing cabinet in which is stored enough paper to shield me from a direct tactical nuclear strike.

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