Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Not so sleep-deprived

Mostly because it was clear as soon as the lunar eclipse reached totality that I didn't have good enough gear to justify photos through the end of the event about 2 hours later. Also, took a nap for an hour and a half before heading for the park.

For the record, Houge Park is not even close to being an ideal location, too much light, barely enough parking, and the sprinklers turned on at about 2 am soaking the sidewalk we were setting our tripods on. And it's in a city, so lots of stray light. But the company was great, and worth the other annoyances.

I almost set up in the back of the apartment complex when I got home, there was a clear view of the moon, but that didn't change my equipment issues, so I packed it in at about 3:30.

For really fine images of the red moon, check out these sites:

Stephens Observatory

Astronomy Magazine

And, of course:

As of this writing, NASA doesn't have any new images up, but they do have tips on how to photograph the next one in February.

I am a bit bummed out because I brought the camcorder & Sony software to work, knowing it has a USB connection, but after installing the software and poking at the camera and the program, it became clear that the USB connection is only for transferring still images from the memory stick (of which I have none) and it requires the i-link (aka Firewire) connection (of which I have none at work) to download video. So I'll do that tonight at home. Thanks to having a rental car not equipped with any kind of alarm system, I have not been keeping my laptop in the car as is my usual habit - it does have a real i-link port.

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